At VeelaTech we offer a range of manually operated models ideal for meeting the varied needs of small to medium scale businesses. They have a variety of invaluable features including:

      • Specially designed mechanism provides maximal pressing force in the part of the stroke when it is the most needed; the result is smaller effort from operator, faster stroke and more accurate positioning control; 
      • The top and bottom tool sections are movable; this, in combination with a housing design with open front and back sides, simplifies integration with feeding and offloading conveyors;
      • Safe handling without the need for safety guards; this is due to a design without any energy storing devices;
      • Tools are equipped with a preloading mechanism which provides constant pressing force in the last 5mm of stroke; due to this press is locked in a closed position; This frees the operator to do any other task while forming is in progress; there is also no additional energy usage during forming; 
      • Hygienic design in stainless steel and FDA approved synthetic materials.